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CBD For Depression. How Is It Useful?

First discovered in 1940, CBD (Cannabidiol) is an active phyto cannabidinoid ingredient in cannabis which is derived from hemp plants. In past few years, many clinical researches have shown that it can be used to treat many human conditions like anxiety, pain, depression, cognition movement disorders etc. Today, even after being one of the most popular ingredients of medical and beauty industry many states have banned its consumption. There are many states which have restricted its consumption only over the medical prescription only. And then there are many other states which have not yet come up with any kind of consumption guidelines for it.

Among its various therapeutic purposes, CBD is widely and commonly being used to treat depression. Some of the most common symptoms related to depression that CBD could treat are the anxiety, cognitive impairment, discomfort before public speaking. But how CBD works ? Well, the answer is

Endocannabinoids are the substances which are produced by our body to stimulate body functions like sleep, appetite and moods. These substances when released bind with the specific brain receptor points to trigger the action. Serotonin is one of those substance which is known to control our depression. People who suffer with low level of serotonin suffer from the problem of depression. Now, people who suffer from depression when consume CBD actually respond well because it changes the way brain respond the serotonins. CBD does not help in increasing the serotonin levels but it only changes the way brain receptor respond to the low levels thereby bringing in the positive change.

Remember, CBD does not cure the problem the depression; it only relives the person from the symptoms of depression.

Even after conducting so many research studies on CBD, the research over its therapeutic purposes is still considered to be limited. And it is for this reason only that its benefits in treating depression are still under speculations. Although CBD has many benefits to offer over other anti-depressant medications but it is still very strongly advised to consume it under proper medical instructions. So, make sure to talk and discuss it with your healthcare before including it in your medication.

Also remember, although there are no major side effects associated with it but people can still suffer from:

• Diarrhoea

• Weight fluctuations

• Fatigue

So, be very careful with its quantity of consumption also. Don’t take its overdose and stick to what your doctor has advised you to take.

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